What Are The Responsibilities Of Muslim Husband In Marriage Life?

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According to the sacred holy 'Quran' Muslim husband responsibilities are predestined to work for lifelong marital life. Marriage is such a beautiful and pleasant relationship, however, marital issues and struggles might dis-balance marriage still works positively. If Muslim husband understands his responsibilities to spend the rest of life with a pleasant experience. This understanding enables to establish a good environment in the joint family. Wedding vows are recited by the Muslim officiant to remind marital duties to the groom to enjoy blissful marriage journey. It is followed by the Muslim man towards his marital life for a long term. These are all responsibilities prescribed in holy ‘Quran’ based on their religious and cultural beliefs what the best man needs to do after marriage. According to Islam literally, a husband is responsible to take care of everything, firstly safeguards to his wife. He is the main member of a family and every decision has taken with his consent. These are major duties or obligations of Muslim groom towards marital life here as:

Husbands must behave amicably with their wives in all the ways, however he might be angry with her but, issues should be discussed in a friendly way.

It is a significant approach to keep wedding pledges, he kept during Nikah.

A husband can’t force his wife to do anything illegal against the Islamic laws and rules. http://www.sikhwedding.com He can’t order doing something without her will and that would not be considered disobedient.

Respecting and satisfying needs & expectation to his wife.

In, spite of being married a husband is not allowed to make sexual relationship with any other woman. This is the worst experience felt by your wife.

A husband must keep his own marital secrets to himself not to discuss with other people either it's a relative, family friends and colleagues.

As a husband you should listen to your wife what she likes or dislikes, her expectations, dreams and desires what brings you much closer. And obviously you would be appreciated to be in her life.

An officiant is advised to give a great charity (Sadaqa) spent on wife literally be honest and humble to do something for good.

As a good caring life partner, you should believe to your wife enables her to express the voice of her feelings. Don’t try to test her loyalty because it might hurt her a lot.
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