Sikh Wedding Customs and Traditions Take a Quick View

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Sikh wedding is quite a beautiful and exciting ceremony with so many blissful celebrations including cultural custom and traditions. Sikh marriage is fun-filled event includes various ritual celebrations, music, dance and colorful affairs to unite Sikh bride and groom. It seems like a festive type occasion because adds a colorful touch with different dazzling lights, lanterns, and balloons for ostentatious arrangements cherish the big day occasion. A complete idea comes from its cultural and traditional beliefs, how they celebrate the blissful union of the Sikh matchmaking couple. These are some of the prominent custom formalities make it a magical ceremony as:

Sikh Wedding Customs and Rituals While Celebrating Big Day Ceremony
Sikh matrimony custom celebrations are distributed into three major parts pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding customs & rituals are mentioned below:

Pre-Wedding Rituals
There is a number of customs formalities take place before the actual ceremony. Sikh people adhere old age customs that are the essence of the culture and religion. This time wedding arrangements and preparations are in process from beginning to the last moment. Take a quick look roka, shri akhand path and engagement, where engagement ceremony is something special when future bride and groom exchange engagement rings to get, engage with each other. This is a symbol of commitment to stay faithful towards marriage relationship forever. Most of the people like to announce the engagement with a big sound, but some of them don’t want to disclose it. After celebrating this pleasing and exciting ceremony, both families commence sending invitation cards to their distant relatives, friends and chief guests.

Wedding Rituals
After the happy ending of pre-marriage customs, the mid-phase of wedding begin with various colorful celebrations that are sweet and fun-loving moments. No, any other moment is so cheerful and stunning such as procession journey, welcoming the groom, dance and delicious meal in the banquet hall. The main ceremony is Anand Karaj when the Sikh Punjabi bride & groom take four steps around “Guru Granth Sahib” while the priest recited holy hymns to shower blessings on the couple. After receiving blessings the newlywed couple happily takes departures from the wedding venue.

Post-Wedding Rituals
This is an ultimate step that takes place at the last moment towards the happy ending of the Sikh marriage. These post-wedding ceremonies are Vidaai, welcome of the bride into a new home and reception party to express happiness for the bride’s welcome at the home of her mother-in-law.

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